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What’s the Best Massage Chair for a Tall Person?

When purchasing a massage chair, it’s especially important to make sure the frame will not only fit in your home space, but also fit your body type. Anyone taller than six feet should check that the length of a massage chair in its reclined position will accommodate their height before taking the product home! And with so much of today’s massage chair shopping happening online, it’s not unheard of to receive a product that doesn’t meet expectations.

Most products listed on ecommerce sites will include specifications in their descriptions, but not everyone checks those specs before buying. If you’re in the market for a massage chair but don’t plan on visiting a showroom in person, it’s important to note product specs, or call the retailer for more information.

Fortunately, most massage chairs sold online today display their specifications clearly on the product page, so you can measure before you buy. The last thing a taller person wants is to find that their feet hang off the massage chair’s footrest, or that the headrest isn’t tall enough to support their neck. Armed with a checklist of features to look for, you can rest easy knowing your new massage chair will fit comfortably into your life.

We’ve rounded up our 10 favorite massage chairs that any tall person will love — because nothing should stand in the way of a quality massage!

Massage Chairs For a Tall Person: What to Look For

While most massage chairs are designed with a range of body types in mind, there are a few key features that stand out when it comes to taller frames.

49” L-track: The L-shaped track that runs along your spine is the anchor point for much of a massage chair’s mechanisms, and 49” is the longest track available on the market.

Body scanning: This intelligent technology will detect your body’s pressure points, which are unique to your frame and musculature. Using this information, the massage chair’s rollers will adjust to target those areas.

Extendable footrest: Even if a massage chair can accommodate most of your height, the last thing you want is for your feet to be dangling off the footrest. Explore models with extendable ottomans or footrests, so you know your feet won’t be left hanging.

Foot rollers/Reflexology: If you’re going to be on the lookout for an extendable footrest, it stands to reason you’d want it to come with massage benefits. Look for massage chairs that advertise foot or calf rollers, or that include a targeted reflexology program.

Size specifications: Make sure to check the massage chair’s reclined size dimensions, often included in a Details or Specifications section on a website. It’s best to look for reclined dimensions at or above 72” long x 36” high. For reference, 72” = 6’.

Zero gravity: Massage chairs with a zero gravity feature can recline until your body is horizontal to the floor, which relieves pressure on your spine and results in a weightless sensation. It’s great for full-body relaxation!

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