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Luxury Massage Chair Buyer’s Guide: 6 High-End Models to Check Out

A luxury massage chair offers maximum comfort and relaxation with innovative features that standard models just can’t match. From 3D and 4D massage technology to voice control capabilities, a luxury massage chair that is tailored to your needs will enable you to reach the absolute pinnacle of leisure.

To help you find the right high-end massage chair for your needs, we’ve compiled a list of suggested brands and models, as well as details on what to look for in a luxury product.

What Makes a Massage Chair a “Luxury” Model?

There are 3 main qualities that represent a luxury massage chair: Features, price and support.


There are 7 key features that all top-of-the-line luxury massage chairs will have:

  • 3D or 4D Massage Technology: The technology of the massage rollers allows you to adjust the intensity for a more personalized massage.
  • Bluetooth® Connectivity: Allows you to listen to music, guided meditation or your favorite podcast through speakers in the headrest.
  • Calf & Knee Massage Rollers: Most massage chairs only have rollers in the foot rests and back, but luxury models also feature rollers and airbags for the calves and knees.
  • Heat Therapy: Heating modules help soothe your muscles and better prepare your body for the benefits of your massage.
  • L Track Design: An L Track massage chair has rollers that travel from your neck down to your glutes. In some models, they will even travel down to your hamstrings!
  • Mobile App Remote Controls: By downloading an app, you can control your massage from your smartphone.
  • Zero Gravity: Using technology inspired by NASA, zero gravity elevates your legs above your heart to create the feeling of weightlessness.

Many luxury models also offer their own version of select features:

  • Airbag Compression Therapy: Strategically placed airbags in the massage chair offer compression therapy in addition to the rollers.
  • Air Ionizer: A small vent in the headrest clears the air of dust, dander and other irritants for a healthier oxygen intake.
  • Automatic Foot Rest Extension: This easily and automatically accommodates the foot rest to your leg length and comfort.
  • Body Scanning: The massage rollers will be tailored to your body in order to hit your pressure points.
  • Chromotherapy: Light therapy creates a visually relaxing experience to help you balance your mental, spiritual and emotional energy.
  • Reflexology: Foot rest rollers apply pressure to both the soles and tops of your feet.
  • Voice Control: Simply tell your massage chair what you’d like! Some models will also have Amazon Alexa integration capabilities.


Because luxury models include all the bells and whistles you could ever want or need, they have a higher price point than standard models.

You’ll see luxury models with price ranges between $7,000 and $12,000, but it’s not uncommon for certain brands go beyond this. As with any type of technology, you get what you pay for.

Pro Tip: Many brands stock certified, pre-owned massage chairs that may be available at a lower price than brand-new options.


A luxurious product requires luxurious support! It’s an absolute must for manufacturers and distributors to offer top-of-the-line support for their products.

Review testimonials and product reviews to vet your new massage chair and be sure to only purchase from companies with:

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