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cfa study plan

You will need to understand basic feature of fixed income securities and how to measure their risk. Gain familiarity with US Treasuries and that market, as well as corporate credit analysis. More exotic fixed income securities, such as CDOs and ABSs will be discussed. I want to make special mention of duration; understanding duration (and convexity) is a must. The only way to prep for this is through practicing and practicing under a time constraint. Check Level I Authority for CFA Exam, our Study Notes, Practice Questions, and Mock exam, that helps you prepare for the exam in a focused way.

cfa study plan

I started watching videos of lower weighted topics that previously, I had barely watched or skipped altogether. I continued supplementing with Schweser Notes if I really didn’t understand something. We know now that we need to practice at least 2000 questions, excluding mocks. Practice will be your saviour in this difficult situation, so don’t shy away from practising, even if you might get horrible scores initially. Naturally bonds follow stocks (despite being a significantly larger segment of the global capital markets).

How to Create Your CFA Exam Study Plan?

That is why it has been allocated less time than the other two challenging topics. Ethics, despite considered an average topic, has the second-highest amount of time since it’s a highly-weighted topic. This topic serves as an introduction to all other mathematical topics, so make sure to understand well all of the concepts covering in the six Quantitative Methods readings. Use the provided planner to allocate a reasonable number of hours for your study schedule, focusing on prioritizing tasks for the two months leading up to the exam.

  • If you have no idea, you should treat all topics as medium in difficulty and allow for some additional study hours (in case you need it) when establishing your daily study routine.
  • Check Level I Authority for CFA Exam, our Study Notes, Practice Questions, and Mock exam, that helps you prepare for the exam in a focused way.
  • I strongly believe that a high Ethics score may have been the difference between a pass and fail for me in Level 3 this year; the same applies to you any test taker, at any level.
  • They will help you identify what’s important and what’s not, so you can spend less time studying and more time passing your exam.
  • The key to preparing for the CFA Level I exam is to study in a structured way over a period of at least 323 hours.

There were many days when my goal was N amount of videos but I would fall short, or not absorb what I had watched. To make up for that, if I still didn’t quite understand a topic after the video, I would look up the corresponding section in Schweser Notes. I also shared some materials with fellow undergrad students to save cfa study plan costs, like borrowing books and mock exams from each other. Regarding the test, as you work through the questions, answer the easy questions and short questions first. Note the harder questions and the more time consuming questions and keep doing pass throughs. I did four or five pass throughs before completing the exam.

Mock Exams

So, whatever little or long you choose to study, make sure you pick a CFA prep course and study materials that give you the best possible chance of success. Whether you’ve taken every finance class or you’re new to the subject, the key to passing a CFA exam is to, well, be good at taking the CFA exam. It’s time for your exam, but you’re not sure that you’ll be able to remember all the formulas. With this one-sheet, you’ll have all the formulas necessary to help you pass your CFA exam. Clear and concise summaries that cut through the jargon, leaving you with only the most important information for your exam prep.

Additionally, these questions will reveal the weaker areas that you must focus on to improve. Also, you’ll be able to easily add some revision hours on working days. As you enter your mock exam scores, these are auto-benchmarked to show you if you are scoring well against historical candidates performance. Only CFA Institute Prep Providers are permitted to make use of CFA Institute copyrighted materials, which are the building blocks of the exam. We are also required to update our materials every year and this is validated by CFA Institute.

Questions (Evening)

Econ should be a review of some general micro and macro principles from your college days. Look for a micro focus on elasticity, efficiency and surplus, firm level economics, cost curves, the impact of government action on firms, and market structures. On the macro side, look for the business cycle, aggregate supply-aggregate demand, banking systems, monetary policy, and fiscal policy. I would say the micro side is more formulaic and macro is more conceptual.

cfa study plan

As mentioned earlier, many CFA candidates balance work and family responsibilities while studying for the CFA exam. Early planning helps you to achieve your goals and responsibilities more easily. Making a schedule or a thorough study plan will make your prep THAT much easier. Sharpen your CFA Level III exam skills with exam-like questionsThe only way to improve your score on the CFA Level 3 Exam is through experience. We’ve designed an environment where you can practice until you’re ready for the real thing. With interactive exam-like questions and constructive response questions, you’ll be prepared for anything.

CFA level 1 2 months study plan- Guide

Our interactive question-bank includes four-part item set questions to match what you’ll see on a real test, along with MCQs. I brought a light jacket in case of any unexpected discomfort in the hall, for example if the AC was too cold. I did not end up reading Ethics from the Schweser Notes at all. I did listen to Mark Meldrum’s Ethics podcast though (basically audio from his Ethics videos).

Is 2 months enough for CFA Level 3?

How Long to Study for CFA Exam Level III? Across the six-to-nine months that you should spend studying for the CFA Level III exam, you should plan to devote at least 344 total hours (the average study time) to your Level III prep.

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